Our Story

Our background in commercial fishing and fisheries research is unmatched in the industry!

Lobster Canada was created in 2001 and is located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Three generations of my family have fished off the coast of Nova Scotia. My days at sea focused on fisheries research, but also provided observation and participation in the commercial industry. Being in the lobster and seafood industry for over 40 years brings an unparalleled knowledge to Lobster Canada.

All of our live lobsters are bought direct from local lobster fishermen and quickly moved into “sea-like” holding tanks to ensure quality and health of each individual lobster. This ensures that the lobster you get is “off-the-boat” fresh.

- Tom Mclane, Owner


Formed in 2001, Lobster Canada is 100% Canadian owned. Designed to serve Canadians the best quality lobster and seafood Nova Scotia has to offer, coast to coast to coast. 

All packing materials are manufactured right here in the Maritimes. Air freight is secured through our local Canadian airlines or Federal Express Canada.

Lobster Canada prides itself in creating an intimate and personal relationship with all our clients, both suppliers and purchasing customers. We carry and ship small to medium sized quantities of inventory, so that quality and personal touch are not compromised. Product inquiries and issues involving shipments are addressed immediately in a personable and friendly manner, seven days a week. We are committed to providing you with the best lobster and seafood Atlantic Canada has to offer. So please….give us a call.


Atlantic lobster is also known as Northern or American lobster. Worldwide, they are often referred as the "King of Seafood" and are definitely the pride of Atlantic Canada. They are fished in the cold, pristine North Atlantic waters off Canada, in shallow inshore areas and deeper offshore waters. Delicately textured and succulently flavoured, Atlantic Lobster is truly one of a kind taste experience.


In order to maintain the high quality products we are known to provide, it is of utmost importance to secure a healthy, thriving ocean. Sustainable fishing practices will not only provide for our present demands, but those of future generations. We specifically source products that yield the best quality possible, and of paramount importance is the method by which they were harvested.