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Our lobster is shipped via Purolator from Halifax Nova Scotia. Lobster delivery is next day to most places in Canada. For some more rural locations, we offer a 2 day delivery.

We deliver Tuesday to Friday. Saturday delivery is available to most urban locations but there is an extra charge of $25.

All of our lobster is shipped in Styrofoam shipping containers made especially for seafood. Lobster is gently packed in box on top of a dry pad then covered with a wet one. Gelatin ice packs are then placed on top and then we cover the box with a Styrofoam lid. Then we slip it into a cardboard lobster shipping box.

When you order lobster from us, we will send you a tracking number between 5-6 pm the day of shipment so you can follow your order. We only ship to Canadian locations at this time but if you are a US customer wanting to ship lobster to Canadian location, we can provide you with service. AIR CARGO: For larger orders, we use Westjet or Air Canada cargo. This is great if you want to lower your cost of shipping and just pick up at the airport.Minimum order for this service is 60 lbs. We do not have accounts with feeder airlines so if you live in a more remote location and need to fly them in using a smaller airline (Air North), you will have to set up the coordination of this transfer.


When you receive your lobster, first thing you should do is open the box and inspect your lobster.

If you are cooking them right away, then no problem.

If you are cooking later that day, then inspect the ice packs and replace if they are no longer cold.

Put lid back on and place in a cool location until ready to cook.

When you open the box and are ready to cook the lobster, the lobster should still be lively. If a lobster is moving slowly, that is fine. Occasionally there is mortality when shipping.

Be assured that the lobster was healthy when we shipped it so it will be perfectly OK to cook and eat. Just like a recently cleaned fish is good to cook a couple of days after cleaning.

Claims on spoiled lobster must be made within 24 hours and only credit will be applied to account if claim is made.


All of our credit card payments are processed through Paypal Canada Merchant Services.

You can order your lobster online or call our toll free number to buy your lobster dinner.

Your personal information is never at risk as we never store your data.

We do accept business cheques and money orders but lobster is never shipped until payment is received.


Lobster Canada provides lobster and other seafood to organizations wanting to do lobster fundraiser dinners.

We are extremely experienced putting these events on and can help you the whole step of the way from order fulfillment, providing accessories and shipping logistics.

We are proud to assist Rotary Clubs in Canada, Legion branches and other non profits help raise money.

If you are wanting to do a lobster festival in Canada, we can deliver full service. Please contact us for more details.

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