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At Lobster Canada, you can order a custom amount of lobster to fit your lobster needs, whether it is 10 or 1000 lobster. We can have your lobster delivered the very next day (Tuesday to Friday) via Purolator. Give us a call and we can discuss your particular needs with a customized amount and timing to fit your event.

We stand behind our promise of delivering the freshest lobster to your home or business in a timely fashion. We also have the most competitive prices in the industry.
All of our fresh, Atlantic lobsters are held in a holding facility within a “stone’s throw” of the Halifax airport. Lobster Canada’s facility is a federally registered seafood processing plant that follows Federal guidelines for freshness and containment. Our lobster are guaranteed to be fresh and filled with the best lobster meat you have ever tasted.

Our facility operates 365 days a year and has a holding capacity of 300,000 lbs. of live lobster; the biggest anywhere in Canada. Our lobster holding areas are totally refrigerated with backup generators with fresh seawater pumped into the system 24 hours a day which keeps our lobster fresh and lively. Why buy lobster that is held in a small tank where the lobsters have little room to move? You don’t have to with Lobster Canada.

Let us fill your custom lobster order this year. Please call us to talk about pricing, payment and shipping.

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